Rental Dress Line

Leather & Lace Custom Threads is a three generation family owned business that started in 2017. We offer Quilting & Embroidery Services, Alterations, Dress Making, Leather Work and Custom Work. 

We sell, rent and make custom gowns for photo shoots and events.

We use new and vintage items while creating our truly one of a kind dress line! 

Our Gowns in the dress line fit a variety of sizes. Refer to the suggested size range listed in the description before renting to ensure a proper fit. 

Most gowns are maternity and non-maternity but if a gown does not have the capability it will be noted in the description below.   

Many of the gowns have slips built inside the bust and/or skirt however, the ones that do not will have a bodyslip we have designed and handmade to go with the rental.


Our custom made bodysuit slips fit almost like a swimsuit and have been tested and tried by many shapes and sizes of women. The stretchy fabric allows for one size to fit most In addition we have clear adjustable straps for altering to the desired length as well as the ability to criss-cross the straps if desired.