Embroideries add such customization to projects...

Monograms on bags, hats, and apparel, logos on shirts, custom casket panels for funerals, handwriting into stitches for tags on quilts, and love notes on keepsake items just to name a few! 

Below includes a gallery of some of our previous embroidery and casket panel work!
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What can you make into an embroidery? 

We can digitize handwriting, signatures, images of barns, houses, boats, etc., photos of people all into embroidery stitches for personalization. 
These are most used for casket panels, quilt blocks, bags, hats, shirts, etc.

What can you put an embroidery on?

Leather, Most Fabrics, Wool, Towels, Canvas, Etc.


What is the ordering process for casket panel embroideries?

Our casket panel embroideries start with the image and wording desired. We take those and digitize the details into stitches. We use coordinating fabric to match the casket and once the digitized image is approved we start the stitching process. For the final step we cut the board and batting and put the layers together for the finished product.
We deliver to local funeral homes and can mail for services that are further away than our 40 mile radius. (Willow Springs, Mountain Grove, Cabool, Mountain View, Houston, West Plains)

How quick can you get a casket panel completed? 

Once the digitizing image is approved of the stitching of the embroidery design can be finished and delivered in less than 24 hours when needed.

What is the average cost of a casket panel?

The average total cost of our casket panels range between $100-$130.