Custom Leather

We create leather items for small groups, ministries, businesses, sports teams, and private events. Items can be produced by the company or supplied to the group for a hands on class project. Class projects maybe conducted in a variety of ways and differ per client's needs and group sizes. We are open to new opportunities and ideas you may have within your group needs. Message us at, 

Previous classes included custom leather bracelets with stamping tools for a small women's ministry group. We included leather strips, clasps for bracelets, tools needed for the group and an instructor for the lesson. Other past projects produced by the company in the past have been custom leather bracelets with the ministry name embroidered for a custom Mother's Day gift. 

Items can include but are not limited to custom leather jewelry, leather key chains, leather tags, etc. These projects conducted in a group leave a meaningful impression on the attendants as well as provide them with a item that is customized by them lasting for many years.