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Offering years of experience with the three generations of girls in the shop! Whether you have a top that needs to be taken in, pants that need to be hemmed, or a dress for an event that needs some adjustments we are the local place for you!

*Tops, shirts & blouses
*Pants & Bottoms
*Jackets & Coats
*Dresses & Skirts
*Wedding & Formal Items
*Swim Suits
*Adjusting Maternity Clothing

Price guide for our alteration services:

Tops, Shirts & Blouses

Hem $15-$25
Slim $25-$35
Shorten Length $15-$25
Shorten dress-shirt sleeves: $15-$35
Slim sleeves (arm hole/arm)$15-$25
Add Darts $15-$25

Pants & Bottoms
Hem $10-$20
Slim Leg $20-$40 (Linings may increase price)
Adjust Waist $25-$45
Hem $10-$20
Original Hem $15-$25
Slim Leg $25-$35
Adjust Waist $25-$35

Jackets & Coats
Shorten overall length $20-$90
Shorten jacket sleeves $25-$55
Slim (take in 2 or 3 seams) $40-$60
Shorten Sleeves from cuff $25-$40
Shorten Sleeves from shoulder $25-$35
Slim Sleeves $25-$45

Dresses & Skirts
Hem $15-$45
Hem with details/pleats $35-$55
Slim $25-$45
Shorten Sleeves $15-$25
Slim Sleeves $15-$25

Additional Dress Alterations
Taking in the sides: $50-$200
Adding a bustle: $55-$95
Adding bra cups: $20-$40
Modesty panel: $30-$50
Removing zipper adding corset $150 and up
Add a hook and eye: $5 each set

Other Alteration Services
Remove/Replace Zipper $25-$75
Add/Remove Buttons $15-$25
Embroidery Embellishments $20 and up
Hem Leather $30-$45
Sew Patches on Leather $5-$20

Any other need not mentioned on lists above can be given a quote per request. Thank you, The L&L Girls

*Disclaimer – prices are meant as a rough guide only. They are subjective to type of fabric, layers of fabric, detailing on fabric, and condition of the item.
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