When the decisions of the world impact you in your small little town, you are left with a choice. To do something or to ignore the problems that seem to be spiraling out of control. Yes, it does seem a bit easier to ignore things and stay busy in our own little world but what is the cost of that decision? We see the effects of the big city decisions impacting even the smallest towns. So, what do we do? We make a tidal wave in the ocean of the world with our decision to design our latest product, PRO-LIFE JEWELRY. A statement piece that has a modern twist with four types of items fitting all lifestyles! 

Our hearts stung after hearing the first of the abortion bills that passed. What is going on? Why would any human being be okay with the termination of another human being especially one that hasn't committed any sort of crime, wrongdoing or negativity in the slightest? Our only reason for understanding this is that we have an enemy. His greatest desire is to take us out. To suffocate our chances of making a difference in the world for The One True King. His easiest tactic of doing this starts at our very moment of conception. The effects of ignoring this issue mean we are allowing our enemy to succeed. I for one, can not stand the fact of that happening. We are collectively, as a business stepping up and out into the world with a bold statement of PRO-LIFE. This jewelry means more than just a modern item we want to have around our necks, in our car, or attached to our keys. It stands for the very existence of human beings. For our one and only Creator who has given us the ability to make tidal waves in the ocean of the world.

The meaning behind the jewelry moves our hearts every time we describe it to others. The leather bar with P, R, & O cut out is pro with the footprint for life, standing for PRO-LIFE. The teardrop jewel stands for all of the many tears shed for abortions. The macrame feather is a comforting reminder that the angels will be caring for these sweet babies until we return home. 

This tidal wave can only get larger by having a greater impact, one that affects more than just the business and the individual buying the items. We have decided that half of our proceeds will go straight to The Local Pregnancy Resource Center. They provide ultrasounds, pregnancy education, alternatives to abortions, classes, one-on-one support and so much more. They are a source for many families already and are actively doing the work of saving lives. We agree with what they are doing and our desire is to greatly help them with our business, as much as possible. So, what are you going to do now? We urge you to stand with all of us in the PRO-LIFE movement. We encourage you to be bold in your words, actions, and life and engage with other resource centers. The more help The Resource Centers have, the greater the impact. Thank you for your time visiting our blog. Be a wavemaker! 

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